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Des voyages exceptionnels et ultra-personnalisés avec Hiddenist
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Haute Couture

Amanjena in Marrakech, Hiddenist's Haute Couture selection
Each journey is designed for one client (and one client only), featuring boutique accommodation and exclusive experiences.

Le Figaro Magazine

Singita Lodges, tailor-made travels to Tanzania and South Africa
Aman Venice, an ultra-customized trip Hiddenist


We discovered Burma on foot, by scooter, riding horses, tuk-tuks, mountain bikes and kayaks. The country is fabulous; the organization was perfectly thought out for a family, mixing culture, sports, interactions with the locals ; the program was perfectly balanced and on spot, everything went smooth.

D'Albis Family, trip to Burma.




You are unique.

So are your journeys.


just for you

Honeymoons, safaris, city breaks, gourmet tours, multi-generational trips, cruises, villa rentals … Your dedicated Hiddenist travel designer will tailor a unique trip according to your personality, your passions, a special occasion, your state of mind - and of course, your budget.

Your travel designer will always be attentive to your needs and desires, will think carefully about every detail, and will keep refining your itinerary until it fits you like a glove.

Coveted Insider Access

We travel the world year round, going beyond the well-trodden tourist trail in search of special places that cross time with elegance, that match rare, money-can't-buy experiences with top class boutique hotels, restaurants and cultural outings. 


Our restless curiosity leads us to the best chefs, craftsmen, authors and artists. To magnificent houses, palaces, villas and lodges. Away from the crowds - behind doors closed to most travelers.

Amandayan in China. Aman a preferred partner of Hiddenist
Aman Venice, Haute Couture palace to experience with Hiddenist


Our stay in Venice will remain memorable particularly thanks to all the off the beaten tracks activities Hiddenist managed to arrange for us (even our guide despite being very Venetian indeed had never experienced some of them!) and the wonderful surprises she had so delicately planned! We will definitely never use anyone else from now on.

Clamageran Family, trip to Venice.

Hiddenist know-how for tailor-made luxury travel


The Tanzanian dream! Superb journey designed and coordinated with brilliance by Hiddenist. Juliana has good taste and quickly understands her clients' tastes! The route and its stages were perfectly selected according to our desires and our budget. Juliana is passionate, perfectionist and efficient, what more could you ask for?

D. Moreau, trip to Tanzania.

Highly experienced curators

We are a team of passionate travelers who've been designing extraordinary journeys for more than 20 years. 


We are constantly in search of new ideas, nourishing our intimate knowledge of the world, testing out every detail of what we propose.


We carefully select our business partners around the globe, so that we can deliver an exceptional service to you. We never forget that every moment of your precious time off must be life-enhancing, and aim to send you home with memories that will never quite leave you.

Amangiri in the USA, an exclusive trip with Hiddenist
Salar de Uyuni, l'extraordinaire Kachi Lodge, la Bolivie avec Hiddenist
They had the feeling that they had to pass overland leaving as few traces as possible. To walk lightly on the earth. It's all there.


Marguerite Yourcenar

Natural spectacles in Africa with Hiddenist

Tourism provides a better life for millions of people and has the power to transform entire communities. It creates jobs, understanding, empathy, education and inspiration. Its explosive growth however must be accompanied by responsibility, to minimize the negative aspects of travel on individuals, communities, environments and the globe.


Knowing how crucial it is to travel in a sustainable way, Hiddenist selects its partners carefully, looking for those who actively work to improve the communities in which they operate. As a company, we also offset our carbon emissions every year.


Here is below some of the projects and organisations we support.


In Laos, we had unique guided experiences, allowing us to live a more responsible and committed tourism and to meet incredible people, who moved me a lot.

D. Chicheportiche, trip to Laos.



Already planted 16,000,000 trees around the world. Choose the country you wish to help.


Supports projects that strengthen climate resilience, protect vulnerable wildlife species and restore balance to threatened ecosystems and communities.



Measure, reduce and offset your own carbon footprint online, to support the transition to a low-carbon, sustainable future

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