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Avec Hiddenist, les voyages gourmets créés par le chef étoilé Simone Zanoni dans la région des lacs italiens


Simone Zanoni*

Despite living and having his Michelin-starred restaurant, Le George, in Paris, his heart remains tethered to the shores of Lake Garda, his birthplace. Simone Zanoni invites us to discover the timeless flavors of his cherished region and taste the delicate effervescence of Franciacorta wines. 

  • Two exclusive journeys designed with Chef Simone Zanoni 

  • Tasting dinner at Lido 84, Michelin-starred restaurant of his friend Riccardo Camanini 

  • Private cruise on a legendary Riva yacht 

  • Pasta workshop led by a talented chef, with a stunning view of Lake Garda 

  • Private tastings in exceptional vineyards 

  • Picnic between the grapevines in a wine estate 

  • Bike tour in the Bardolino hills 

  • Luxury or Charm Hotels 


These private journeys in France are flexible and can be tailored to your preferred date and customized to suit your desires. Feel free to reach out.  

From €2,990 per person*

on a double room basis

Departure from Milan

From €5,230 per person*

on a double room basis

Departure from Milan

*Prices may vary when booking depending on availability

Simone Zanoni is seemingly everywhere at once. Whether on TV, online in his kitchen, driving his Porsche, or managing Le George - his Paris restaurant located in the Four Seasons Hotel George V - the Michelin-starred chef exudes boundless energy. With a constant smile and his joyful, Italian-inspired dishes, Zanoni brings a special touch to the world of Haute Cuisine. 

Simone Zanoni, the Bomba Atomica of Italian gastronomy

His grandmother taught Zanoni everything there is to know about food and pasta. At 18, he left the small family farm in Salò, in the region of Italian Lakes district, to pursue a career in London. 


Simone Zanoni took a leap of faith, and it paid off. At 21, he was spotted by Gordon Ramsay himself and, in just a few years, went from commis chef to sous-chef, and found himself propelled as Chef of Gordon Ramsay, the only three-star Michelin restaurant in London! His mentor then entrusted him with the prestigious Trianon Palace in Versailles, France.  


Eight years later, he left the Gordon Ramsay world and became the Chef of Le George, the Michelin-starred Mediterranean restaurant of the Four Seasons Hotel George V, Paris. 

The dynamite Chef

By reinventing the traditions of Haute Cuisine, he found immediate success and was awarded a Michelin star in 2017. “Our clientele is relaxed and doesn't like the stiff atmosphere of starred restaurants. Neither do I, actually.” A Michelin green star came later, promoting the "reasoned cooking" of Chef Zanoni. 


Simone Zanoni is quite the tearaway, and nothing can stop his career on the road to success. During lockdown, he found success on Instagram, shooting fun and energetic daily videos straight from his own kitchen where he shared easy and delicious recipes, inspired by good produce from his vegetable patch. 


Simone exploded onto social media like a bomba atomica! He launched an online grocery store, Casa Zanoni, sold recipe books, and appeared on cooking shows. Nothing can stop Le George’s Michelin-starred chef! 

Exclusive Hiddenist experience, a private cruise on Riva Aquarama

"Our clientele is unpretentious; the rigid formality of fine dining doesn't appeal to them. It doesn't appeal to me either, for that matter. We want a relaxed vibe, without imposing strict codes in restaurants."

One Michelin star chef Simone Zanoni on holidays at Lake Garda

The secret to his success? His bambini and his wife, who often appear in his videos and books, celebrating the joy of cooking as a family. His latest book, "Who’s the Chef?" focuses on making cooking fun with kids. 


The most Parisian of Italian chefs may be a businessman, but his love for gourmet cooking and passion for quality ingredients always shine through.


Whether behind the wheel of his electric Porsche or at a book signing, Simone Zanoni, with his 400,000 followers, is the epitome of a modern chef. 

You shouldn't cook a dish to satisfy your own ego, but to delight the guest.

Les pasta délicates du chef étoilé Simone Zanoni au restaurant Le George, Four Seasons Paris

"Juliana la vagabonda!" That's how Simone greets me with a smile on our WhatsApp calls.


 by Juliana Angotti, founder of Hiddenist

Simone Zanoni and I share common Italian roots and a love for traveling at a hundred miles per hour—in a Porsche or Ducati. And of course, a passion for gastronomy! 


I first met Simone at Versailles’ farmers market, where he knows every producer by name. We strolled from stall to stall as he enthusiastically showcased seasonal mushrooms and cheese from his favorite producer: "Mamma mia, you have to taste it, it’s bomba atomica!

He then took me to his permaculture vegetable patch, which supplies the tables at the Four Seasons Hôtel George V in Paris. There, he gave me a crash course on homemade ravioli in the kitchen of this Parisian palace. We ate the ravioli right away—what a dream for a foodie like me! 

Juliana Angotti, founder of Hiddenist with Simone and Greta Zanoni at a Four Seasons Paris party

"Family is sacred for us Italians. Simone's kids, Penelope and Cesare, and his wife, Greta, are central to his life. They experiment in the kitchen, taste his newest recipes, and brainstorm ideas together. The result? Several recipe books created for and with his children."

Juliana Angotti, founder of Hiddenist, and chef Simone Zanoni at the Versailles market

He took me to his permaculture vegetable patch, which supplies the tables at the Four Seasons Hôtel George V in Paris. There, he gave me a crash course on homemade ravioli in the kitchen of this Parisian palace. We ate the ravioli right away—what a dream for a foodie like me! The Four Seasons George V in Paris is one of my favorite places. And the palace is home to none but three wonderful Michelin-starred restaurants, including the Mediterranean-themed Le George, with chef Simone Zanoni at the helm. Comfortably seated, I smiled at the swinging, singing Italian service as I savored delicious tuna crudo, green asparagus, nori seaweed, arancini with a touch of saffron, and tuna tartare that evoked sunny holidays. The famous tomato confit pie and cacio e pepe gelato were to die for. Simone Zanoni and I have been creating travel itineraries together for a while now. He overflows with generosity and good energy, always sharing his passion for local food and produce, with his wife Greta by his side. Behind every great man is a great woman! Naturally, we came up with the idea of designing this itinerary in the region where he grew up in Italy. Enjoy life to the fullest on this bomba atomica of a trip!

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