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Chef's Escape, les voyages gourmets exclusifs de Hiddenist
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Chef’s Escape

Culinary experiences curated by the world’s best Michelin-starred chefs

Two-star Michelin chef Michelangelo Mammoliti, Italy

Before they become world-renowned stars, Chefs are first and foremost individuals deeply rooted in their terroir. More than just a culinary experience, Chef's Escape journeys are an invitation to immerse yourself in the passion, talent, and creativity of these Chefs who are redefining the codes of contemporary cuisine. 

Welcome, gourmet aficionados, always on the hunt for exquisite experiences! 

Casadonna Reale, le restaurant trois étoiles au guide Michelin du chef Niko Romito, Italie
Chiara Pavan, cheffe une étoile au guide Michelin à Venise, et Juliana Angotti, fondatrice de Hiddenist

"I wanted to highlight the factthat every world-class chef comes from somewhere, a land where they find their footing, which gives them respect for the local products they use in their cooking and in all their courses."

Hiddenist’s founder, Juliana Angotti, has always had two passions: travel and fine dining. "I’ve always loved being behind the scenes, understanding how chefs create each course, their vision for the perfect food and wine pairing, and where they draw their inspiration from”, says Juliana, former ballet dancer and big foodie.


For her, gaining access to the Michelin-starred restaurants and meeting chefs like Mauro Colagreco in France, Niko Romito in Italy, or Ana Roš in Slovenia to co-curate this exclusive collection of gastronomic journeys has been a joy and an honor.

This is how Chefs’ Escape was born: an exclusive collection of trips designed in collaboration with the world's greatest Michelin-starred chefs to better understand the unique creativity of these "exceptional cooks".

Weaving loom in the workshop of Luigi Bevilacqua, Venice, Italy
In the Loire Valley, Christophe Hay, two-star Michelin chef, and Juliana Angotti, founder of Hiddenist


Tireless and demanding workers who sometimes doubt their own achievements but share a vision for haute cuisine and see themselves in constant service to their guests.


Juliana met and talked to each of them, gaining insight into their very personal and often militant approach to their work.


These chefs are staunch defenders of locally-sourced cuisine, fully aware of the importance of integrating their culinary creations into the natural cycle. They believe there's no other way of cooking in the future.

Les plats délicats d'Arnaud Lallement, trois étoiles au guide Michelin en Champagne

What if you could gain exclusive access to the kitchens of the world’s best restaurants? What if you could know their chefs' secret spots - the places where they find inspiration?

Mauro Colagreco, chef trois étoiles au guide Michelin avec son restaurant Mirazur à Menton
The Chef's Escape experience is all about taste and style.

During your journey, you will walk in their footsteps, meet their producers, taste their favorite wines, cook a little bit yourself and discover what it’s like on the other side of the kitchen bench.


Embark on a unique experience with our gourmet escapes, where you'll immerse yourself in the essence of living and indulge in the "flavors and sensations" of a region, whether winding through a picturesque wine route or exploring the rustic farm of a cheesemaker. Discover the richness of intense flavors amidst sun-kissed citrus orchards while truffle hunting or savoring the delicacies of Sologne's caviar.

This new generation of chefs is strongly committed to ecological and sustainable cooking, using local and seasonal products to create dishes.

"We have chosen to highlight the profound relationship between these virtuosos of haute cuisine and the land, granting you the privilege of meeting local producers with a responsible approach."


Venise, une découverte Chef'Escape Chiara Pavan

You'll also be the "hero" of these gourmet Chef’s Escapes. Join local chefs or the renowned two Michelin-starred chef Christophe Hay in cooking classes, where you'll unlock the secrets behind traditional dishes steeped in culture and history. Get ready for dinners with family and friends that will leave a lasting impression! Your dinners with family and friends will never be the same!

The pinnacle of your trip will be a gastronomic dinner experience in the Chef's Restaurant, where you'll be treated with utmost care and attention.

While fine dining and luxurious living are focal points of our trips, we also recognize that true immersion in a country involves embracing its culture. That's why we asked our chefs to uncover the cities, landmarks, museums, and artists that inspire them. Chef's Escape is more than just a culinary journey; it's a full-fledged exploration into the world of chefs, where cultural inspiration meets exquisite cuisine.

Les caves Ruinart à Reims à visiter pendant le Chef's Escape Arnaud Lallement

Experiences. Curiosity. Terroir.  
Are you ready to go? 

Your culinary experiences 

Chef's Escape en Slovénie avec Yvonne Simon, cheffe de cuisine Hiša Franko et Juliana Angotti, fondatrice Hiddenist
Chevaux sauvage dans le parc national de Gran Sasso, Chef's Escape Niko Romito dans les Abruzzes, Italie

Our team of Travel Designers will be with you every step of the way to fully customize your Chef's Escape, ensuring that every moment of your culinary journey is unforgettable.  

Near Blois in France, the Château des Grotteaux for a very secluded stay
Hiddenist, the art of travel through the world

Our private culinary experiences have been carefully crafted with Michelin-starred chefs to take you behind the scenes, taste the local specialties and wines of a region, discover the natural and cultural wonders of a destination.

Chef's Escape are completely private trips, on your dates, as a couple, with family or friends,for a weekend or longer stay.

Hiddenist will happily customize your itinerary to suit your mood and your passions, or to help you celebrate a special occasion. 


. Book your plane and/or train tickets 

. Secure your accommodation in the hotels of your choice throughout the journey 

. Add extra nights at the beginning and/or the end of your trip 

. Help you continue your trip in another region or country 

. Book your restaurants along the way for a complete gastronomic experience 

. Rent vintage cars to ensure you travel with style 

. Organize for you pampering moments or once-in-a-lifetime experiences 

Hiddenist, the passion of the discover, the art of the journey

The experiences that you'll enjoy on these weekends or longer stays are entirely private, tailored for couples, families, or friends. Departures are flexible, with options for car rental or chauffeur-driven transportation, in charming boutique hotels or luxury hotels.

We strive to make Chef's Escape an exclusive discovery crafted for you. We're here to tailor your trip to your desires, mood, special occasions, or passions.

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