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Chef's Escape Ana Ros en Slovénie, une exclusivité Hiddenist



From her quaint Hiša Franko restaurant nestled in the lush Soča Valley, Chef Ana Roš puts Slovenia on the international gastronomic map. With her innovative cuisine, she elevates the essence of each season, celebrates local ingredients, and embodies femininity in her culinary creations.

  • An exclusive journey designed with Chef Ana Roš

  • Fine dining tastings at her restaurant

  • A privileged moment at Hiša Franko restaurant 

  • Culinary atelier in Bled to learn traditional cooking techniques  

  • Private tastings of the finest Slovenian wines 

  • Exploration of the natural beauty and history of Slovenia

  • In Ljubljana, overnight stay at the hotel hosting the brand-new Jaz by Ana Roš restaurant


This private journey in Slovenia is flexible and can be tailored to your preferred date and customized to suit your desires. Feel free to reach out.  

From €2,620 per person*

Based on double occupancy

Departure from Ljubljana

* Prices may vary when booking depending on availability   

Giant slalom
towards the stars

The year 2023 marks Chef Ana Roš 's pinnacle moment, as she earns her third Michelin star – a grail that only eight women in the world have managed to achieve. An extraordinary journey unfolds for this self-taught visionary, who initially aimed for a career as a professional skier or diplomat, but whose life took a detour into the realm of Haute Cuisine.   

Ana Ros in the kitchen of the Hisa Franko restaurant, Slovenia

In 2016, fans of the Netflix series Chef’s Table discovered Chef Ana Roš and her restaurant, Hiša Franko, nestled in the Soča Valley, a two-hour drive from Venice. A backdrop of mountains and lush valleys, reminiscent of Heidi, that the Slovenian has turned in just a few years into an authentic gastronomic haven.  


As a young girl, her dream was to become a dancer, but fate led her to strap on skis and become a champion in her country. She then turned to international relations studies. However, her heart had different plans: in 2002, she crossed paths with sommelier Valter Kramer, who later became her husband (though they have since divorced). Ana enthusiastically took the reins of the family restaurant, Hiša Franko, located in Kobarid, a village in the Slovenian Alps near the Soča River. "I never did an internship or worked in kitchens other than my own, but I approached it with unwavering determination," she explains.


With her inventive culinary creations, she not only became an ambassador, but specifically, an Ambassador for Slovenian gastronomy!


With precision, imagination, and hard work, Chef Ana Roš embarks on a remarkable journey toward culinary excellence. Her mission is clear: "as chefs, our responsibility is to show that one can dine exquisitely and luxuriously without necessarily damaging the resources of our planet." Deeply rooted in the nature and history of her country, Ana's cuisine highlights local ingredients and producers, most of whom are located within 50 kilometers of the restaurant.   


A philosophy that crowns her with two, then three stars guide Michelin in 2023 – religiously tattooed on her hand as a symbol!  

For Ana Roš, 2023 shines brilliantly: not only does she clinch a coveted green Michelin star and ranks n°32 in The World's 50 Best Restaurants list, but she also ascends to the impressive 3rd position in the Best Chef Awards.  

Ana Ros dans son restaurant Hisa Franko, un voyage Hiddenist
Chef's Escape Ana Ros, une ode à la nature


Under an azure sky and the splendid light of Indian summer, a winding road leads to the lush Soča Valley, home to Hiša Franko, the legendary Michelin 3-starred restaurant of Chef Ana Roš in Kobarid.  


And there she is, Ana, approaching to greet me – a beam of sunlight! Draped in a dazzling pink blouse from Benedetti Life, a Slovenian slow fashion brand championing environmental respect and ethical work conditions, creating timeless pieces designed to last.  


This perfectly mirrors her culinary philosophy: committed, genuine, featuring tasty and high-quality local ingredients such as Tolminc cheese, rainbow trout sourced from the gorges of the Soča River, and the protected Dreznica goat - the only native Slovenian goat breed. Her cuisine, like her personality, is vibrant and joyful. Ana Roš often states that "cooking is a bit like painting; a painter sees colors, and I see flavors."  

Ana gracefully twirls through the fields around her restaurant, Hiša Franko; in her garden, accompanied by her beloved dog, as we chat about life, love, children, and our common friends such as Hélène Pietrini. A sincere woman-to-woman conversation in the year of our fifties.    

Ana Ros, 3 starred chef and Juliana Angotti, founder of Hiddenist
Ana Ros and Juliana Angotti, Chef's Escape Ana Ros, trip to Slovenia

The newly affixed red plaque on the facade proudly exhibits three Michelin stars. On this day, as we indulge in a homemade kombucha, Ana and Manca, her PR and confidante, share the excitement and pride that accompanied this prestigious acknowledgment. Meanwhile, in the kitchen, a vibrant, multicultural brigade is hard at work. Italian, French, English, Slovenian – a medley of languages fills the air.  


Diplomacy and gastronomy make a good match - and Talleyrand understood this well over 200 years ago. In 2016, the Slovenian president appointed her as the "gastronomic ambassador" of her country. Since then, tirelessly, she has proudly represented Slovenia alongside the world's top chefs at the most renowned culinary festivals.  

Discovering Slovenia through Ana Roš’s eyes means accessing secret addresses, hidden valleys, heartfelt connections, respecting nature. A beautiful life lesson given by the chef at the pinnacle of her new Michelin distinction.  


Juliana Angotti, founder of Hiddenist

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