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Haute Couture
Juliana Angotti, founder of Hiddenist


If like me, anyone wants to organize an unforgettable trip to mark any occasion, Juliana Angotti at Hiddenist is definitely the right person to go to. Not only did she plan everything immaculately, fulfilling all the established prerequisites, but she also accompanied our stay step by step, making sure it all ran smoothly, solving any practical issue even through the very late hours.

E. Clamageran, trip to Venice

Globetrotting flows through my veins - and makes me so very happy.

At the origin,
an epicurious

I travel several months of the year with one of my three passports - Brazilian, Italian and French.

My father, an amateur pilot of a small Cessna, used to take me with him in my crib, flying over the immensity of Brazil. My mother, a writer and researcher, introduced me very early to art, history and beauty.


As a child, I wanted to travel around the planet - or become a prima ballerina. Ballet, practised at a very high level, instilled in me rigour, a keen sense of detail and a taste for work well done. These are the values that guide Hiddenist.


As the granddaughter of explorers, I’ve surveyed half the planet.  Sylvain Tesson is my compass. Bruce Chatwin, Nicolas Bouvier and Alexandra David-Neel are my idols.


Hiddenist: haute couture journeys for nomadic aesthetes and demanding clients.


You are unique. So are your journeys. 

Shall I take you in my trunk?


Juliana Angotti

Founder of Hiddenist

L'exigence du beau et de la perfection, les voyages Hiddenist, Amangiri


as a


As an insatiable globetrotter, together with my team I try the best restaurants and the most charming and discreet luxury hotels for you, from the heart of historic cities to deep in the African bush, from the Italian countryside and the Andes mountains to deserted beaches all around the planet.


I am on a never-ending quest for beauty, forgotten crafts, hand-woven fabrics, historic homes, family histories and artistic genius.

Hiddenist elegance for discerning travelers, Aman Venice
Hiddenist, the guarantee of memorable trips to India


3 weeks of dream! Thank you for the perfect organization of our vacation.

Perfect advice, choice and coordination. Very much in line with our tastes and needs.

I am delighted that we went through Hiddenist and am happy to know that we now have a trusted agency!

Beaumont Family, trip to Thailand.

The quest

We meet artists, craftsmen, chefs.


We visit palaces usually closed to the public.


We pray with monks in the Himalayas and with the Dalai Lama, whom we have had the privilege of meeting several times.


We ride in remote villages in Burma or Bolivia.


And we come back to Paris, rich with these experiences, to share them with the clients who trust us, year in, year out.

Hiddenist, unique and singular addresses, Comporta
Hiddenist, des voyages qui vous transforment, Brésil

Transformative Journeys

Whether you want to organize an expedition to Antarctica with friends, meet Venice's best craftsmen in their workshops, fly over the North Pole, dive in the beautiful waters of the Maldives, dine under the stars in Tanzania, visit the art galleries of Shanghai with a Chinese art expert, escape to any European capital to meet Michelin starred chefs, or sleep in a luxury tent in Bolivia ... it is possible! We've been there!

In contrast to the "everything, right away" mantra of many and cutting through the dizzying mass of information on the internet, Hiddenist designs haute couture journeys whose indelible memories will transform you for a long, long time.

May your road be luminous!

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