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Arnaud Lallement, le chef trois étoiles qui officie en Champagne


Arnaud Lallement***

Chef Arnaud Lallement is deeply rooted in the Champagne region! At L'Assiette Champenoise, his three-starred Michelin restaurant near Reims, he continually celebrates his native land with the exquisite dishes he passionately crafts. 

  • An exclusive escape co-curated with Chef Arnaud Lallement 

  • Tasting dinner at his Michelin 3-stars restaurant, L'Assiette Champenoise 

  • A Unique Experience in the kitchen of L’Assiette Champenoise in Tinqueux 

  • Culinary workshop in Reims to master the art of pastry making 

  • Private Tastings in Champagne Houses handpicked by the Chef 

  • Private guided tour of the cathedral and historic center of Reims 

  • Luxury or Charm hotels 


This private journey in the Champagne Region is flexible and can be tailored to your preferred date and customized to suit your desires. Feel free to reach out.  

From €2,590 per person*

on a double room basis

Departure from Reims

*Prices may vary when booking depending on availability

Arnaud Lallement's career reads like a Balzac novel. Family, hard work, adversity, and the rich traditions of terroir - all the ingredients for a compelling are present. Picture three generations of dedicated chefs succeeding one another in a quaint Champagne inn. This kind of gastronomic legacy, written in the stars, is a rare gem in the world of haute cuisine. 

Chef's Escape AL2_edited.jpg

A milestone for both the chef and his son, Arnaud. "I was barely three years old, couldn't read yet, but I was already stacking Michelin and Gault & Millau guides at the foot of my bed," Arnaud recalls. 


His career path was set. Like his father, Arnaud would become a chef. Following in his father's footsteps, the Champenois graduated with a diploma from the Strasbourg Hotel and Catering College and then honed his craft under the tutelage of some of the greatest French Michelin-starred chefs: Marc Veyrat, Michel Guérard, Roger Vergé. In 1997, he returned to Reims to help his father regain a Michelin star lost during an ambitious restructuring of L'Assiette Champenoise in Tinqueux. 

Father and son in the kitchen, Arnaud embarked on his own journey to Michelin stardom. The recognition came in 2001 when they regained the coveted star. The young chef was overjoyed, but his father fell ill and passed away in 2002 at the age of 51 - far too soon.  


Surrounded by his loved ones, Arnaud Lallement took over the reins of the family restaurant. Using unparalleled, hyper-seasonal ingredients, Chef Arnaud Lallement crafts culinary masterpieces that epitomize his distinct style: "manger vrai," or "eating true" in English.

The culinary journey began in 1975, when Colette and Jean-Pierre Lallement opened L’Assiette Champenoise in the picturesque Champagne wine region. Young Arnaud was already part of the adventure, uttering "sole, lobster, and chocolate before even saying mom or dad," his mother recalls with a smile.  

In the Lallement family, cuisine is a matter of unwavering quality. Staples like pigeon, lobster, capon, black truffle, caviar, and sweetbreads. Sauces dance on the palate, ingredients are exalted, and cooking precision is paramount. At this restaurant, authenticity reigns supreme. Guests savor true, flavorful French cuisine, prepared with finesse and rich, robust flavors. 


The quest for excellence led Jean-Pierre Lallement to earn a Michelin star in 1977.

A gastronomic legacy

Between Arnaud Lallement, a three-star chef, and Krug Champagnes, it's a great friendship.

"His creative and refined cuisine, brimming with emotion and taste, is a grand homage to the depth of French gastronomy such as the farm-raised squab accompanied by spinach caillette and rich pigeon jus; or the blue lobster from Brittany, a heartfelt tribute to "mon papa". 

Arnaud Lallement, three-star Michelin chef, and his son Brice, in the kitchen of L'Assiette Champenoise

The signature dishes are enhanced by food and wine pairings of exceptional intelligence, allowing diners to savor Champagne vintages or explore independent winemakers from the Reims region. 


In 2005, the Michelin Guide awarded him 2 stars. Then, in 2013, he was named Chef of the Year by Gault & Millau. Finally, in 2014, the pièce de résistance: 3 Michelin stars, a tribute Arnaud Lallement dedicates to his father, of course. 


Established by his parents about forty years ago, the culinary legacy of L'Assiette Champenoise stands tall on three pillars: the family - with his son Brice emerging as a promising heir; the stalwart team - Frédéric, the sommelier, a steadfast companion since ‘83, alongside kitchen virtuosos Laurent since '96 and Cyril since '01; together, they tirelessly uphold the Lallement family's tradition of hospitality. 

I come from Champagne, I was born in Champagne, and I cook with Champagne.

Le célèbre Homard Bleu de Bretagne du chef Arnaud Lallement, L'Assiette Champenoise en Champagne

Everything about Arnaud is heartwarming. His smile. His love for Champagne.


 by Hélène Pietrini, Managing Director of La Liste* 

His Assiette Champenoise in Tinqueux, which embodies familial hospitality, where guests are greeted like old friends by Magali, his wife, Mélanie, his sister, and now Brice, his son, who slowly assumes the reins in the kitchen! 


A self-proclaimed bon vivant, Arnaud navigates his culinary realm with a deep sense of respect for his team, guests and producers - be they breeders, fishermen, or harvesters, bestowing upon everyone a touch of genuine care.  


Everything seems effortless, always accompanied by a smile and simplicity. With a cellar boasting an impressive 1000 references of Champagne “bubbles”, his rapport with winemakers only strengthens! 

Chef's Escape AL19.png

"Since 2013, as a three Michelin-starred chef, he has embodied the essence of French haute cuisine, where less is more. Purity of taste triumphs over ostentation. For me, his menu is the epitome of culinary excellence. " 

Hélène Pietrini, Managing Director of La Liste and the entire brigade of L’Assiette Champenoise

The sauces, presented in small casseroles, are so delicious they beg to be savored with a spoon! Arnaud often says, "sauces are my DNA, the essence of my cuisine; they convey all the emotions.” It's pure gastronomic delight! 


Yet Arnaud Lallement's personality also reflects a quiet dedication to his principles: in 2023, he was honored with La Liste's Ethical Responsibility Prize, and boasting three Écotable awards... perhaps less celebrated than his trio of Michelin stars.  


Indulging in an evening with this hedonistic chef is always pure joy. Seated on his terrace, with a fine cigar and a bottle of champagne, and together, we set the world to rights and talk about our "buddies" Bacquié, Renaut, Donckele, Nasti... 

* Hélène Pietrini, CEO of La Liste, the ranking of the world's top 1000 restaurants, shares a longstanding connection with Arnaud Lallement. It's only natural, as the Breton and the Champenois have been immersed in fine French cuisine - and butter - from their earliest days. Hiddenist has given her carte blanche for a meeting unlike any other with the three-star Michelin chef.

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