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Lighting up the stars at Domaine des Etangs

Once upon a time, a ten-century-old castle had a thousand lives before being transformed into a very luxurious hotel. A hotel? Domaine des Etangs is much more than that.

Domaine des Etangs, a 13th-century château now converted into a luxury hotel

A place of transmission

There are places, like people, that you have always known, even when you meet them for the very first time. Places where you instantly feel at peace, balanced, in harmony with your family, with the Earth, with the Cosmos; it is undoubtedly a question of feng shui, vibrations, connections. Places that create memories - memories of large family gatherings, of the smell of hay or freshly cut grass, of endless laughter and games with cousins, of the carefree spirit of childhood. Rare places. Domaine des Etangs is certainly one of them.

The human heart

The Domaine is above all a group of passionate men and women who, under the impetus of Garance Primat, its sparkling owner, use their hands and their emotions every day to build a balanced world that respects nature.

Five years of pharaonic work! The eye of interior architect Isabelle Stanislas and that of Yann Kersalé for the lighting, highlight dozens of works of art that respond to each other in this living museum, like the poetic herbariums of the plant artist Duy Anh, the contemporary curiosity cabinet of Vincent Fournier.

The heart of the Domaine beats in unison around a common project; and this sincerity permeates the sensitive traveller.

Delicious natural gastronomy

Fruit and vegetables from the garden, a magnificent organic permaculture vegetable garden, truffle trees from the Domaine: gastronomy is perfect at the Domaine des Etangs.

Gastronomic dinners, chic picnic baskets to be enjoyed lying on a lawn or in a boat, candlelit dinners in the farmhouse, prime rib in the sun... All washed down with the most appropriate wine chosen with originality by the sommelier Julien Cattelet, all smiles and all passion.

Here, almost everything is possible, just ask.

A countryside lunch at Domaine des Etangs

A Garden of Eden

The estate includes a thousand hectare park, of which "Monsieur Yves" knows every corner. This sincere man, who has been a friend of the family for twenty years, takes guests on a journey of discovery of the flora and fauna. Our childlike soul thinks of the magic of Bambi.

Here, no rigid French garden. Camille Muller, a gifted landscaper, has dressed the lawns with green corners and dozens of plants that explode freely on this spring weekend.

You can ride your bike or electric car through the garden and feel part of a whole.

What is luxury at Domaine des Etangs?

Luxury is a succession of experiences and moments that remain engraved: releasing tension at the Moulin, a spectacular spa for the children and their parents; swimming outside or in the thermal baths; dressing up with your children - ah the giant trunks in the attic! Listening to the silence or the birdsong; taking the time to enjoy the passing time with our loved ones, while a perfect team takes care of the material contingencies, down to the smallest detail.

Monumental staircase at Domaine des Etangs, a Hiddenist journey

Apollinaire wrote: "It is high time to light up the stars again". This is the motto of the Domaine, which you will certainly make your own when you stay here.

Juliana Angotti

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