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Aman Venice, the glory of La Serenissima

In a city brimming with legendary hotels like the Cipriani, the Danieli, and the Gritti Palace, choosing where to experience the opulence of the City of Canals can be challenging. Discover our cherished address in the Serenissima: Aman Venice, housed in the former Palazzo Papadopoli. Its prime location on the Grand Canal, intimate setting, and the Aman Group's expertise have made it a unique palace with an extraordinary spirit and history. It's just what we love for a truly Hiddenist journey! 

Hotel Aman Venice, the splendor of a Venetian palazzo

Grandeur and decadence of Palazzo Papadopoli

Located in the San Polo Sestiere, near the Rialto Bridge, Palazzo Papadopoli was built around 1560 on the Grand Canal. Originally owned by the Coccina family, wealthy merchants, it was sold to the Tiepolo family in the 18th century. These discerning art collectors lavishly redecorated the palace with frescoes by Giambattista Tiepolo and marble statues by Antonio Canova.

In 1864, the Papadopoli brothers, originally from Greece and already owners of Palazzo Grassi, acquired the palace along with nearby buildings. They created a garden overlooking the Grand Canal - a rare feat both then and now! Enlarged, renovated, and redecorated, the Papadopoli Palace began a new life. It became a place of both comfort, boasting one of Venice's first elevators and electric chandeliers, as well as a hub of entertainment for Venetian high society.

Today, Count Giberto Arrivabene Valenti Gonzaga, a descendant of the Papadopoli family, and his wife, Bianca de Savoie-Aoste - daughter of two Royal Highnesses, Princess Claude of France and Amedeo de Savoie, Duke of Aosta - reside on the top floor of the palace. The remaining 75,000 square feet are dedicated to the Aman Venice. This might seem unusual, but it's a classic destiny for these immense Venetian residences. As the Count explains: "After the war, the aristocratic families of Venice began to move upstairs. My grandmother lived on the second floor and my mother on the fourth. Finally, with my own family, we moved up to the fifth floor and the attic where the wardrobe of the Papadopoli Palace used to be!” Their stunning apartment, like a 16th century loft, offers a breathtaking view of the Grand Canal.

Aman Venice, the respectful restoration of a Venetian jewel

As the Papadopoli descendant shares, maintaining the property has become the primary concern for families who inherited grand homes in the 20th century. "The palace was empty, except for our apartments. Adrian Zecha, the founder of Aman Hotels, was looking for a place in Venice. Initially, I wasn't really interested. Then we met and I thought the Aman Venice project was fantastic. My only condition was that my family and I could continue living here.” Done deal. The Arrivabenes still live on the upper floors, and it's not uncommon to bump into them in the corridors and gardens. This contributes to the unique blend of opulence and intimacy that defines Aman Venice. 


Palazzo Papadopoli, one of only eight monumentali palazzi in the city - protected as a historic residence - has been transformed into a luxury hotel by architect Jean-Michel Gathy. It took two years to convert this 16th-century palazzo Aman Venice, with renovation overseen by the Count himself, fully committed to preserving this exceptional "family home".   

The result is Aman Venice, an exclusive "jewel box" of just 24 rooms and suites, where history and contemporary Italian design coexist seamlessly, delighting ultra-VIP guests with its unique charm.

Discover Burano, the island of colorful fishermen's houses

The Quintessence of True Luxury 

Hotel Aman Venice is a place of grandeur, from the piano nobile, which houses the lounges and bar, to the private gardens, the spa and, of course, the rooms. With its majestic ceilings, exquisite furnishings and historic parquet floors, the ambience is sumptuous yet understatedly elegant. Aman Venice makes you feel right at home, no doubt thanks to this "family home" spirit and intimate ambience.   

The rooms are beautifully proportioned (at least 560 sq ft for the smallest) and feature fabulous architectural details: coffered ceilings, frescoes, woodwork, bas-reliefs, terrazzo marble floors, walls covered in silk or Padua leather, and even masterpieces such as the Sansovino stone fireplace. Some have breathtaking views of the Grand Canal.  

Our favorite room is number 19 (the Alcova Tiepolo Suite) on the fourth floor of the hotel. It was the Count's mother's room until the end of his life. With its 16th-century ceiling hand-painted by Tiepolo, the suite has welcomed such distinguished guests as George and Amal Clooney on their wedding night.  

Excellence is also at the table at Aman Venice. From January 2020, three-Michelin-starred chef Norbert Niederkofler has led the hotel's restaurant alongside the talented young executive chef Dario Ossola. Together, they are implementing their "Cook the Lagoon" culinary philosophy, using ingredients from the lagoon and the vegetable gardens of the surrounding islands. Take time for lunch or tea in the Aman Venice Garden: simply magical!

Aman Venice stay, Juliana's 10 must-sees 

Of course, if you can, avoid weekends to explore Venice. April, September, and October are delicious months to visit. I also love going there in winter; the city takes on a different character- more mysterious, misty, and always romantic. Here are my top 10 must-sees in Venice. But of course, there are countless possibilities. Feel free to reach out for more recommendations!  

  1. Take an early morning stroll along the Zattere   

  2. Enjoy my caffè standing up at the Florian before the thousands of tourists arrive  

  3. Catch a taxi-boat to Burano and Mazzorbo for a day trip and dine at Venissa, Chiara Pavan's Michelin-starred restaurant.  

  4. Discover Palazzo Fortuny: always marvelous  

  5. Visit the Acqua Alta bookshop and its incredible décor  

  6. Taste the best cicchetti in the city at All'Arco, near the Rialto market  

  7. Explore the Fondazione Querini Stampalia and the Negozio Olivetti, featuring the architect Carlo Scarpa's design  

  8. Try furlane at ViBi Venezia, the brand of Viola and Vera, the Count's daughters  

  9. Enjoy a fine glass of wine at Vini da Arturo, a stone's throw from La Fenice Theater  

  10. Meet the Venetian artisans who keep the traditions of La Serenissima alive. 



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