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Du sommet du Mole Antonelliana, vue panoramique sur Turin dans le Piémont italien


Itineray in Piedmont, Northern Italy

Bella città and Langhe villages

Of course, Turin is the birthplace of FIAT cars and Juventus soccer club, but it’s also a city of historical cafes, including the oldest in Italy from 1763; world-famous chocolate; chic bars; luxury shopping; iconic restaurants and renowned museums. La Bella Città, as Turin locals call her, is quite an underrated tourist destination.  

As it in Northern Italy, far from the dolce vita of the south, Turin is seen as "less fun". Yet, it is where vermouth was born: a fortified white wine infused with over forty herbs and spices, creating a unique flavor profile ranging from 16° to 18° alcohol content. The huge Martini boutique under the arcades of Piazza San Carlo is a must-see! And it’s in Turin that Superstar blogger and cook Mimi Thorisson decided to settle down with her family: quite a sign! 


In Turin's historic center, known for its "chocolate quarter," the air is filled with the aroma of cocoa and roasted hazelnuts as you stroll past artisan chocolatiers. In iconic cafes like Caffè Barratti & Milano, it's a perfect moment for enjoying a cappuccino, bicerin, or a glass of vermouth. Turin is also the birthplace of the Eataly chain, now with food stores spanning from Dubai to Japan, via Paris and across Italy. 


The architectural heritage of Turin is rich and full of the history of the House of Savoy, a dynasty of Dukes that ruled the city and its region for six centuries. The Savoy palaces, hunting lodges and plazas are marvels of Baroque and Rococo style, many of which are Unesco World Heritage sites.  

Just an hour away from the Piedmont capital, the Langhe region is a small paradise of good food and easy living. The Turin and Langhe duo, crafted by Chef Michelangelo Mammoliti, offers the perfect gourmet journey!

In the Galleria Subalpina, one of Turin's oldest cafés, experience Hiddenist in Piedmont
The bucolic landscapes of Piedmont with vineyards and medieval villages, a Hiddenist journey in Italy

For wine connoisseurs, the Langhe's "tenute" or vineyard estates produce seven different DOCG wines, which are among the finest PDOs in Italy. Similar to Tuscany, Piedmont's vineyards are recognized on the Unesco World Heritage list. In the cellars of Roero and others, each bottle of Barolo, Asti, Alba Nebbiolo, and Barbaresco offers an exceptional experience for the palate.  Food enthusiasts will relish the exquisite white truffle from the Langhe, harvested in the Monferrato Forest, a magnet for food-lovers worldwide. This small town is the epicenter of the very rare "tuber magnatum Pico" and hosts its own international truffle fair annually from October to November. Specialists flock to Italy from across the globe to partake in this renowned event.  Last but not least, Piedmont cheeses are a delight for food enthusiasts. Cheeses like Bra, Raschera, Robiola, Castelmagno, and Piedmont Tomme are all PDO products from small farms scattered throughout the province of Cuneo. It makes perfect sense that the Slow Food movement was born in this favored region of Italy. This eco-conscious approach to gastronomy encourages a diet of "good, clean and fair" food. The perfect blend of Turin's elegance and the stunning landscapes of the Langhe presents an ideal opportunity to experience the Italian way of life, especially curated by none other than Chef Michelangelo Mammoliti, a two Michelin star chef.

"There is a happiness in sitting in the Grand Café of Turin and feeling, consciously or not that it belongs under the vaulted arcades" - Chantal Thomas  

Les précieuses truffes blanches d'Alba, un voyage Hiddenist dans le Piémont
Hiddenist Route Map in Piedmont, Northern Italy

Turin and Michelangelo Mammoliti’s Piedmont

The two Michelin-starred Chef invites you to explore Turin, with its exceptional architectural heritage, and to the soft hills of Piedmont. The birthplace of Michelangelo Mammoliti is a land of vineyards, boasting some exceptional vintages like the divine Barolo wine, but also where the Slow Food movement originated. Because he loves his land and knows every village, vineyard and producer, he exclusively unveils his favorite secret spots, the very places that inspire his delicate cooking infused with nature and childhood memories.   

Découverte de la Galleria Grande dans le palais de la Veneria Reale à Turin, un voyage Hiddenist en Italie
Le Museo Casa Mollino à Turin, une adresse secrète de Hiddenist en Italie

DAY1 : Itinerary in Piedmont, Northern Italy 

. Discover Lingotto, a former FIAT factory and head to the Italian food temple: Eataly. Hiddenist offers you an Eataly card for a value of 50€ per person 

. Walking tour of Turin’s historical center with a private guide and discover the capital of the Piedmont-Sardinia kingdom that became Italy’s first capital in 1861 

. End your tour with a chocolate workshop by the Vatican’s favorite chocolatier! 


DAY 2 : Itinerary in Piedmont, Northern Italy 

. Visit Castello di Rivoli Museum, the top spot for contemporary art with a prestigious collection of artworks 

. Journey to Bra and discover at your own pace the city where the Slow Food movement was born, a world-famous eco-friendly gastronomy initiative 

. Cheese tasting lunch Beppino Occelli, stellar cheeses aged in the Cueno Alps 

. Next stop: Boscareto, the Langhe’s beating heart, for a private wine-tasting in a cellar recommended by Michelangelo Mammoliti. Try some of the best Italian wines like Bussia, Briccolina, Brunate and Boscareto. 


DAY 3 : Itinerary in Piedmont, Northern Italy 

. Meet your private guide at the hotel. They’ll accompany you all day in the Barolo region 

. Visit of the massive Grinzane Cavour Castle, a Unesco World Heritage List site offering an exceptional view of the Langhe Roero hills ; and continue to the village of Diano d’Alba 

. Discover the small town of Barolo and its futuristic Wine Museum (WiMu), a journey through the history of winemaking 

. Private wine-tasting session of Italian vintage wines: Barolo, Barbaresco, Barbera d’Alba and Dolcetto d’Alba ; in an estate selected by Michelangelo Mammoliti 

. Dinner at La Rei Natura Chef Michelangelo Mammoliti’s brand new two Michelin star restaurant located in Serralunga d’Alba, deep in the Langhe (Emozioni menu, drinks to be paid on site).  


DAY 4 : Itinerary in Piedmont, Northern Italy 

. Visit at your own pace of Alba, capital city of the white truffle and of the Langhe region. Don’t miss its magnificent cathedral and charming alleyways  

. Private truffle-hunting session with your trifulau and their dog close to Alba: a unique experience in your trip to the Langhe 

. Journey to Barbaresco village and enjoy the charm of Italy, with its exceptional view of the hills and vineyards. Go up the tower of Barbaresco for a nice lunch with a view (drinks to be paid on site) 

. Drive back to your hotel in the charming spa town of Agliano Terme, one of the most renowned in Italy 

DAY 5 : Itinerary in Piedmont, Northern Italy 

. Visit at leisure of Asti, the small regional capital of Piedmont, with its paved streets and wall towers 

. Cooking class in an exceptional 11th century castle nestled in the heart of the Monferrato region, to discover the secret of tajarin al tartufo. Dinner on site 

. Journey back to your hotel in Turin city center, passing through the medieval villages of Piedmont and their stunning traditional architecture. Late arrival in Turin 


DAY 6 : Itinerary in Piedmont, Northern Italy 

. Private visit of La Venaria Reale, a royal palace on the Unesco World Heritage list and the former hunting lodge of the Savoy royal family in the 17th century 

. Lunch in a restaurant located in the small town of Venaria Reale (drinks to be paid on site) 

. Exclusive perfume workshop in the center of Turin with one of the most talented perfumers in Italy  


DAY 7 : Itinerary in Piedmont, Northern Italy 

. Private visit of Museo Lavazza for an immersive experience around coffee, followed by a tasting session of the different varieties of Turin "black gold" 

. Exclusive visit of Museo Casa Mollino, the house of the famous Italian architect, where the owner opens the doors only with private bookings. An esoteric visit 

. For aperitivo, try out some Vermouth in a historical café in the city 

. One-of-a-kind dinner of Piedmont specialties in a centuries-old palazzo (drinks to be paid on site) 


DAY 8 : Itinerary in Piedmont, Northern Italy 

. Free day in Turin: the city’s all yours! Hiddenist will happily plan guided tours (with additional fee) or recommend some exclusive spots. 

Please drink responsibly

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