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Carte Val de Loire

As the Loire
goes by

In the Loire Valley, nature dictates each season its own laws of gastronomy.

The ever-present river gives us catfishes, pikes, and zanders. Silty valleys give us tomatoes, marrows and asparagus in the snap of a finger. Vast grass-green prairies make charcuterie and goat cheeses the star of every meal.

The earth is not short of offerings in this region where a castle is hidden behind every shrub. In every town, a cathedral. In every village, adorable “doll’s houses”.

Gourmet travel in the Loire Valley with Hiddenist

Like a jewel box to these treasures, the vineyards stretch as far as the eye can see, growing well in the soils of sand, limestone, tufa, and clay; gilded by an exceptionally mild climate.

The vines produced in the region are therefore quite diverse, fresh, and still, cultivated with passion by young winemakers that the Chef trusts. Far from the image of banal and immature wines that was the stereotype of the Valley for years.


“Terroir” finds its true definition in this region blessed by the Kings… and by Christophe Hay!

"The Loire is always close to me. I watch her in the Winter when she trembles in the mist; I paddle in it at dawn when Summer comes; I can feel her emotions, her tiredness; I breathe her, I stare at her, I speak with her, I love her." - Jean-Marie Laclavetine.

Along the Loire with Christophe Hay

The two Michelin-starred Chef invites you to discover “his” Loire Valley. Out of love for his land and because he knows every village, vineyard and producer, he exclusively shares with Hiddenist his secret spots, local tips and all the places that bring

endless inspiration to his cuisine.

with the Chef

Humble and easy-going, Christophe Hay loves to share his passion for cuisine. In this private cooking class, he reveals his little secrets to make simple dishes with fresh produce from his vegetable garden.

Dinner cruise and wine tasting on the Loire, Hiddenist

When wine and cheese meet

Wines of the Loire Valley meet regional products, creating a magic spark. Daniel, an oenologist and bon-vivant will make you discover this extraordinary cocktail of taste and smell.

Exclusive Hiddenist masterclass with Christophe Hay

Picnic on a French riverboat

On board a gabare, the traditional Loire riverboat, you will experience an unforgettable romantic evening on the Loire river… until nightfall. The menu is composed of local specialities and fresh wine.

Wine and cheese pairing, Christophe Hay with Juliana Angotti, Hiddenist
Château des Grotteaux, a journey in the Loire Valley with Hiddenist

The caviar of Sologne

In this region where game meat is legion, two siblings made a gamble. Their aim: to locally produce one of the best caviars in the world, which now can be found in the best restaurants of France, including Christophe Hay’s.

Live the château life

On the frontispiece of the Grotteaux, one can read “Carpe Diem”. With that, all is said about this small elegant castle where every room is decorated with an exquisite taste to make you feel truly at home.

Sologne caviar selected by Michelin-starred chef Christophe Hay

Chaumont et ses 
jardins extraordinaires

Encore un château ? Non ce sont plutôt les jardins qui sont le centre d’intérêt du château de diane de Poitiers. Le domaine de Chaumont-sur-Loire est mondialement connu pour ses jardins contemporains qui sont une vraie merveille. Depuis 25 ans, du printemps à l’automne, se tient un festival international où carte blanche est donnée à des artistes paysagers du monde entier. Extraordinaire ! 

Annie’s World

Meet Annie, a ceramist who took inspiration from the turbulent waters of the Loire River to create the dinnerware set of Christophe Hay’s restaurant, which design is inspired by lightness of his gastronomy.

Céramiste de Christophe Hay restaurant, Chef's Escape Hiddenist
Chef's Escape CH19-min_edited.jpg

The wonders of tufa stone

Visit a former tufa quarry, which was used to build the Loire castles, now turned into a mushroom farm that houses an astonishing underground city sculpted in stone by the owners' family.

Chaumont-sur-Loire, la sphère de Klaus Pinter
Blois, voyage gourmet L'Hedonist avec Chef étoilé


. Discovery of a tufa quarry and its peculiar underground city

. Visit of the castle of Chaumont and its gardens full of work of arts

. Meet with Hiddenist ambassador after your visit and embark in a riverboat for a private picnic dinner along the Loire and sample vintage wines


. Stroll in the Chef’s vegetable garden where you will pick the ingredients for your workshop

. Master class with Christophe Hay followed by a lunch of your own cooking

. Private wine tasting of Gamay and Sauvignon wines

. Stop at one the Chef’s suppliers, a farm that produces delicious goat cheeses you’ll be able to taste


. Visit of Chambord castle

. Meet the talented ceramist who created some of Restaurant Christophe Hay’s dinnerware

. Private tasting  of the finest Sologne caviar

. Dinner at Restaurant Christophe Hay, where the Chef and his brigade will delight you with their delicate dishes (drinks to be paid locally) 

. Sound & light show at the castle of Blois



. Visit of the Blois castle

Please drink responsibly

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