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Trip to Slovenia,
Small country, Grande cuisine

Nestled in the western part of Slovenia, just a couple of hours' drive from Venice, lies the Soča Valley, a natural treasure trove where your journey will lead you to explore unique culinary delights amidst mountains, lakes, and vineyards.  


In this lush natural setting, Ana Roš, a three Michelin-starred chef, resides and crafts an exceptional voyage through Slovenia, one of Europe's smallest countries. Along winding roads weaving through the Julian Alps, crossed by the Soča River - renowned for its emerald waters teeming with prized marbled trout, a source of Slovenian pride! - and adorned with serene villages and pastures where contented cows graze, we invite you to uncover this new gastronomic paradise unfolding with the changing seasons. 

For in Slovenia, seasons and nature engage in a playful dance, shaping the daily rhythm of agricultural and winemaking estates, as well as restaurants celebrated by food enthusiasts. 

In 2020, Michelin guide inspectors were “captivated by an authentic culinary scene with immense potential, capable of satisfying even the most discerning gourmets”. 

Carte Slovénie, Chef's Escape Ana Ros
 Tolmin Gorges, natural highlight of a trip in Slovenia

It must be said that the Soča Valley is brimming with natural resources: dairy products, particularly in Tolmin, where the famous tolminc cheese is crafted - a delicacy often featured on Ana Roš's menu; and wines such as rebula, one of the country's star grape varieties, producing a golden white wine with vibrant, herbaceous notes. Undoubtedly, your journey in Slovenia will allow you to savor unique flavors deeply rooted in the history of this country, with its rugged yet remarkably welcoming nature. 

Just a two-hour drive away lies Ljubljana, Slovenia's charming micro-capital, also embracing the art of living well and eating well. Ana Roš has launched her bakery, Pekarna Ana, right in the heart of the city, and, for the past few months, her restaurant, Jaz by Ana Roš, located in the hotel where you'll spend two nights. 

With discretion and authenticity, Slovenia has seamlessly joined the ranks of Europe's premier culinary destinations! We extend our gratitude to the triple Michelin-starred chef for serving as our guide and for sharing all her insights for an unparalleled journey in this marvelous little country. 

"Friends, the vines have revived for us this heady wine that knows how to celebrate life, illuminate the heart and the eyes. It erases threats and restores hope to weary souls!" - Preseren, Slovenian poet 

Ana Ros’s

The three Michelin-starred chef invites you on an exclusive journey through her country, Slovenia. Close to the new generation of producers and winemakers devoted to biodynamics, Ana Roš unveils her homeland nestled between Austria, Italy, and Croatia. Exclusively, she shares her insights, her best-kept secrets, and the hidden places that constantly inspire her imaginative cuisine. With passion, she invites you to discover the delights of traditional Slovenian dishes and locally sourced divine products. 

Wine or Kombucha?

Ana Roš takes a malicious delight in breaking the codes of the age-old food & wine pairing. Even though the Hiša Franko restaurant cellar is full of rare Slovenian wines, the three-starred chef plays with the unusual flavors of beer and even kombucha in her delicate dishes. With her chef-sommelière, Ana Roš explores new possibilities to the delight of palates in constant quest for new tastes! 

Soca Valley river, Hiddenist trip to Slovenia

The Hiša Franko experience

Nestled amidst picturesque bucolic fields, with majestic mountains as its backdrop, stands a charming pink building reminiscent of an inn. A serene river flows nearby, adding to the idyllic setting. The ambiance at Hisa Franko is relaxed, and the young team is joyfully professional. 

Here, Ana Ros, ambassador of Slovenian gastronomy, along with her head chef Yvonne Simon, meticulously crafts cuisine deeply rooted in the region's terroir, nature, and history, with precision and aestheticism. The flavors are robust, the dishes minimalist. With each bite, the palate is delighted by the extraordinary diversity of flavors, leaving an indelible mark on the senses. It's truly an unforgettable experience! 

Letizia cigliutti08 ottobre 2023Letizia cigliutti_05 ottobre 2023_BG8A5026.jpg

The Grand Canyon Slovenian Style  

A national park dominated by Slovenia's highest mountain, Triglav, soaring to 2,864 meters. Rocky walls narrow until they are separated by mere meters. Crystal-clear water of intense blue. A Devil's Bridge (Hudicev Most) with an impressive panorama. There's no doubt, the Tolmin Gorges will be the magnificent natural highlight of your journey in Slovenia! 

Chef's Escape Ana Ros, Juliana Angotti in the Ana Ros's kitchen
Cooking class in Bled, Chef's Escape Slovenia

Bled, a Church runs through it... 

Bled is undoubtedly the most iconic destination of a journey in Slovenia. The beauty of its glacial lake, its castle, and its "church-island" have an enchanting timeless quality. A short cruise on a pletna and a tasting of the delicious kremšnita at Café Belvedere in Vila Bled will seal the deal, leaving you completely captivated by the charms of this small town. 

Pekarna Ana, Chef Ana Ros's bakery in Ljubljana

Wine Ambiance at Vinoteka 

Some of the finest Slovenian vineyards have opened their wine bars in Ljubljana to showcase their productions. In a warm atmosphere, you'll have the opportunity to sample wines from the Vipava Valley, Stajerska, Istria, and Karst during a tasting evening in one of Europe's smallest capitals. 

Slovenian salamis, crafting secrets by Hiddenist

Ljubljana's Market 

In this small town, hailed as the "European Green Capital," the love for food, drinks, and entertainment abounds. Each morning, Ljubljana's market unfolds at the base of the medieval castle. Make your way through the locals to indulge in a cevapcici, a sausage nestled in delightful fresh known all over the Balkans; afterwards, venture to the covered market designed by the renowned architect Jože Plecnik. Prepare for a sensory feast like no other. 

Rustic Rural Dishes 

Of course, dining on the gourmet menu at Ana Roš's has raised your expectations! But it's time to return to the incredibly diverse world of traditional Slovenian cuisine. During a delightful culinary workshop in Bled, you'll explore and prepare classic dishes from the country - heartwarming and rustic fare. 

Bled and its lake, Slovenia's gem

The Delights of Pekarna Ana 

On Ljubljana's main avenue, a long line of gourmets eagerly awaits the next batch of sweet delights from Chef Ana Roš's bakery. The sourdough flours, organic butter, pumpkin seeds, hazelnuts... everything comes from Slovenia, and everything is absolutely delicious. In case of doubt, opt for the mamljivi lešnik (addictive hazelnut). A flaky Nirvana

Wine tasting in the Ljubljana Vinoteka

Crafting Secrets 

In airy and dimly lit rooms, you'll uncover the crafting secrets behind the salamis and smoked hams, prsut, scented by Ana Roš. At his small farm, David also collects fine bottles of Slovenian and even French wines! The food and wine pairings he offers there are truly enchanting. 

Market in Ljubbljana, trip to Slovenia with Hiddenist
Avec Ana Roš, voyage gastronomique en Slovénie
Adresse exclusive à Ljubljana, Chef's Escape Slovénie

DAY 1 Trip to Slovenia

. Arrival in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia and welcome at the airport 

. Transfer to the village of Kobarid (110 km, approximately 2 hours of travel)

. Arrival at Hiša Franko rooms and check-in 

. If you wish to have lunch, we will recommend the restaurant where Ana Roš often dines (to be paid locally)

. This afternoon, nature lovers will be delighted. An easy 2 km walk in the spectacular Tolmin Gorges located in the Triglav National Park, Slovenia's largest protected area.

. Gastronomic dinner at Hiša Franko restaurant, awarded three Michelin stars in 2023, where Chef Ana Roš and her young multicultural teamwork (drinks to be paid locally) 

DAY 2 Trip to Slovenia

. Departure to Lake Bled (about 2 hours by road) through scenic routes and preserved villages dominated by the high mountains of the Julian Alps

. Culinary workshop with your chef, who will reveal the secrets of Slovenian cuisine with Italian and Austro-Hungarian influences. Lunch will feature dishes that you have prepared

. In the afternoon, guided exploration of the small town of Bled, its lake and its castle.

. Tasting the famous kremšnita in the former residence of President Tito, followed by a one-hour journey to Ljubljana

. In the evening, enjoy dinner at the newly opened Jaz by Ana Roš restaurant, conveniently located in your hotel (payment to be made locally)

DAY 3 Trip to Slovenia

. Enjoy a day at leisure to explore Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, known for its pedestrian streets, Art Nouveau, and Neo-Classical buildings. The name Ljubljana means "the beloved" in Slovenian... Optionally, we can arrange a guided tour with a private guide for an additional fee

. In the late afternoon, indulge in a private tasting of Slovenian wines paired with local specialties at a renowned wine bar

DAY 4 Trip to Slovenia

. Explore a farm in the heart of nature just outside Ljubljana (approximately 1 hour by road) where artisanal cured meats are produced. Enjoy a tasting experience complemented by Slovenian cheese and wines. If you prefer not to drive, private transportation can be arranged for an additional fee 

. Make sure to visit Pekarna Ana, where you can purchase delectable pastries and sandwiches crafted in Chef Ana Roš's bakery. Enjoy them on-site or take them home (payment to be made locally)

Please drink responsibly

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